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Classic 1965 Commercial for Arrid Deodorant

Published 1965

A classic 1965 TV commercial for a product called "Arrid Deodorant". This commercial distictly aims the product at people with an active life than presumably, results in a lot of sweat (and thus smell).

Run time 1 minutes 4 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, Black and White


Reviewer: Meatpies - - September 1, 2009
Subject: Arrid... not for couch potatoes!
If all you do is sit on your butt, eating donuts and watching 60s tv, and you're completely alone, you don't even have a pet, and you haven't been outside since FDR was in office, any old deoderant will do. Heck, you could probably stick marshmallows in your armpits and that'd be fine. But if you're ACTIVE, and you move... even if it's just to grab another donut, or if you're building a totem pole in your garage, or serving coffee to friends makes you go all off your meds... or if your "dancing with the insane" friends come over, you're gonna have to do something other than stick marshmallows in your armpits. First, take a shower. Please. Then, use Arrid!! It's for active people!

GREAT upload, quality sound and video! Thanks so much!

The humor listed above (yes, it was humor...) was not intended to offend, and was not the actual "review". It's nice to see a new commercial here! Thanks so much for uploading!
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